Sippin' a Cup of Coffee

The Ordells Sippin' a Cup of Coffee b/w Big Dom 45 (Dionn, 1967)

"Oh oh oh! A-ah! Ummmmmm" That is exactly what I said when I dropped the needle on this one. From the accent on the first beat followed by the slow string drag I knew that this was gonna be a killer. The background vocals moan and then the falsetto slides in. The slow dreamy pace together with string swells and jabs, gorgeous vocals, and a muted trumpet that sits in the back and sounds like a car horn way in the distance: Add that all up and it is one of the best moody soul songs ever.

And that is not all. Flip this pup and hear a great funky, seat of the pants instrumental.

A perfect record!!!

Thanks, I like "Big Dom" a ton, great stuff.
GREAT record! I love the swet soul side, and really love the organ instro on the flip. Nice stuff.
Don't you go being gone too long now, y'hear?
Wow, Cool site and I loved Big Dom....give us some more! Thanks!

Shocking! Sippin' is a great chaser for "The Reverberi"!

real beauty!
uhh, looking at the photo i just have to ask... was it you who wrote sex/sex/sex on the label?
Nope. Notice it also says "ton",
On the other side the writing is
"sex ton" & "sexton." Probably the original owner's name.
ah yes...when the PUNK & SPACE ROCK is too much to take, i dig into my massive stax o'soul 45's myself...wish this wasnt so hammered on the A-side, as its a GREAT tune...i guess the original owner had good taste,though...GREAT STUFF
i hope for a ton of sex sex sex with the first tune. or wondering about when those sex bricks will hit.

Thanks very much! 2 Great tracks that go great together.

My office server wouldn't let me email you back.

Thanks again. I'll keep reading.

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