I'm a Cult Hero

Cult Hero I'm a Cult Hero b/w I Dig You 7" (Friction, 1979)

I can't say that this is little known, because it has been on every Cure fan's want list for years. Released as an one-off on Chris Parry's Friction label, Cult Hero is The Cure and some pals screwing around in the studio. Stuck with a couple killer riffs and nothing to do with them, the band drafted Frank Bell, a fixture from their favorite pub (or so the legend goes), and set him on vocals. And that was the end of Cult Hero. A nice tidy package and a couple of great songs.

"I Dig You" was in some car commerical too!
Long time listener, first time poster. Love the site, totally adore the songs. Speaking of digging, does "I Dig You" cut off after about 20 seconds intentionally?
just found you thru a link from Scar Stuff. Damn I wish I would have been here a few weeks ago when I coulda heard that Voodoo song by Akim.
I'm having the same problem with "I Dig You." Too bad, the a side's a hoot.
Cool find. FYI, both these tracks (along with live versions) are available on the 2nd disc of Rhino's awesome deluxe edition of Seventeen Seconds.
This ep is also floating around as a not-cheap boot (cost you $7 or so in a store)
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