Chica Ye Ye

Los 3 Sudamericanos Chica Ye Ye 7" (Belter, 1965)

Though popular in their native Paraguay, Maria, Johnny, and Dario didn't really hit it big until they moved to Spain in 1965. Over the next couple of years, they turned out a string of hits, some pop versions of mambo and bosa nova standards, some a peppy Spanish version of the sounds coming from neighboring France. Like many pop stars of the Sixties, Los 3 did television and movies. At their best, they were a pretty cool pop group. At their worst, it is dreck. (At this point, I am sure Crud's Euro visitors are wondering why the hell I am spending time posting a band that is as hip and authentic in Europe as Sonny & Cher are in the US. Let's just say, ignorance is bliss.) The two cuts here are from Los 3 Sudamericanos' first 7" ep.

It is a very wonderful song.
Thank you.
Hi - I'm from Spain... Los 3 Sudamericanos are not much remembered anymore, but I'd say that among the connaisseurs of deep 60's rarities, they're considered quite cool indeed! Great track, yep!
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