A Pair for the Weekend

Shop Around b/w Sally Had a Party 45 (Columbia, 1968)

Way, way back in September I plugged this puppy, writing that Flavor's version of the Motown standard Shop Around was "great funky, heavy bubblegum with a garage sneer. And then a Mitch Easter meets bubblegum meets Young Rascals version of Sally Had a Party. A perfect house party 45." My thoughts certainly haven't changed, though I'd add that this sounds like what the MC5 were going for with Back in the USA, but which Jon Landau's weak production couldn't deliver.

Flavor were a short live band were connected to Tim O'Brien and Gary St. Clair. They released one album, this single and that was it. A few years later St. Clair did a solo album with O'Brien producing. Other than their own work, O'Brien and St. Clair also penned and produced songs for the Brady Bunch and one a Grammy for their work with All-4-One.

And that is about it.

How did you get into my record collection? A pleasant surprise to see this obscure release. Now I know I'm not the only one who bought it.
Great stuff as always!
Love your site - I visit on a daily basis!

However, the latest MP3s have had this buzzing zound in the background, like there's something's wrong with the connection btw. your turntable and the PC... Hope it's fixable.
re: the buzzing - ground wire perhaps?

Anyway, quality tuneage as always.
Flavor also released a 45 "Heart-Teaser" that came with a picture sleeve - quite a cool pic sleeve as well. It's a mod-rock beast and highly recommended.
I missed this one! If anyone can e-mail the Mp3 to jangleradio@yahoo.com I'd appreciate it!
We DJ this at our club! www.myspace.com/clubaugogo
Hey all, check it out!

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