Wild Kingdom Roma-Destiny flexi disc (No Mag, 1981)

Here's a little gem that I know nothing about. It came with a great Los Angeles punk/new wave zine called No Mag, though I found it in a box of books at a yard sale, with no zine in sight. I have seen the name Wild Kingdom on old flyers, but until I scrounged this flexi up I hadn't heard them. I've scoured the net for info on them, plowed through old Flipside, Search & Destroy, BravEar, & the few Slash magazines I have and learned nothing. So you get what I know: The music.

Starting with an off drum, the song jumps into an odd intro, something that seems to be setting the stage for a grand play. And when the song shifts that is what happen. Sounding like Roxy Music filtered through early Wall of Voodoo, Wild Kingdom takes the vocals from declairation to a melody that sounds like Fly Me to The Moon to a Bryan Ferry style wail. Meanwhile the music pulsates and shifts, the frantic beat smoothed over by a stark but warm synth. A guitar accents and then rips into a Manzanera like solo. And then the outro, which sounds like the intro. A perfect piece of art rock gone new wave.

Sounds like Jello Biafra fronting Oingo Boingo!

I have no recollection of these guys either. Would certainly be interested in hearing more - I like the weird carnival-like feel to this song.
cool find. it's like a synth-punk band that actually knew how to play the instruments they owned. Musically it sounds well played but I don't dig the Jelloesque vocals so much.

does anybody know of a record pressing plant in the USA that still makes flexis? I miss that format.
Hi Scott
I couldn't find your email in the blog. Did you post a record cover that was a very minimal white cover with red line rectangles tumbling down, it was maybe for a 50's jazz record. I want to look at it for a flash animation but I can't find it on the blog because I think maybe the archive is full and images on old posts are not showing up. Love your blog. I'll send you something from NYC if you help me out.
thanks Karen
to me it has a strange resemblance to the sun city girls...
i have something from 83 that doesn't sound too far off...

thank you for sharing.
i hope to up my tech savy to share my share as well
Saw this band in the early 80's playing at a venue call The Country Club in the San Fernando Valley. They were opening for Romeo Void and The Human Hands. I though they were great. However some in the audience didn't appreciate their music and they were booed. I also had that vinyl disk which I cut from NO Mag. I wish I knew where I stashed it. Would love to hear their music again.
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