(Get off that) Booze & Garlic Bread

Denny Rockwell (Get off that) Booze & Garlic Bread (Tower, 196?)

Here is a mystery record. What I know is this: Prior to Booze & Garlic Bread, Denny Rockwell was part of a due called Denny & Jay with John Cubbage, who I assume was Jay. In 1964, they released one 45 on Capitol (Hurt b/w Two Lies), which is supposed to be pop.

This 45 came out on Tower, which probably explains its garage-out-of-the-studio sound. There is a lot to like about this one but it is the combination of the dopey lyrics and the Lux Interior - style vocals that does it for me.

And that is all I have to write today.

This is brilliant. I'll say it again - brilliant!
For some reason I can't seem to access the cut. Probalby a Mac compatibility issue. My dad produced Denny Rockwell and published his songs. His name was Don Ralke. I don't remember how the tune goes, but have run accross paperwork involving the song over the years since my dad passed away. Thanks for the memories!
My name is Jay Cubbage, and I sang and wrote with Denny Rockwell for about four years. We sang and wrote not only for Capitol Records, but Enith International Records/Winston Publishing, and AVA (Fred Astaire's label.) Although we had no major hits, we were well on our way when the "Beatles Invasion" killed many careers. Denny and I split shortly after that. He recorded a song we co-wrote on Apple Records, but apparently, it was never released.
Hello Jay (Cub)

I'm Denny's son. Would like more info on your songs and recording history with my dad.

Contact me @ dennyrockwell@aol.com
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