La Luna Fettuccine

Adore O'Hare La Luna Fettuccine 7" (Hit and Run, 1983)

Adore O'Hare's one and only record is a difficult record to peg. There are four genres it could fit in. The first thing you hear in the record is that O'Hare is singing opera; however, give it time and it is easy to figure out that this is smart ass opera and could easily qualify as gay camp, a tradition that, on record, goes back to at least Rae Bourbon and Charles Pierce and their fantastic cabaret/comedy records of the 1950s & 60s. La Luna Fettuccine also rests comfortably as a private press or outsider record, an individualistic musical vision as distinct as Lucia Pamela or Abner Jay. And, finally, O'Hare could be filed away in and actually existed on the fringes of the late 70s/early 80s LA art punk scene, where he played shows with Monitor, Wall of Voodoo, and Red Wedding.

So who was Adore O'Hare? I have no idea. References to Adore online are limited to a show review ("Closely cropped green hair, dressed in layers of scarves and multi-colored paraphernalia over the traditional jacket and tie, this large and imposing figure captivated an audience that most performers would think twice before facing - the weekend crowd at the Brave Dog") and the website of Hit & Run Records owner (who also drives racing cars) Elektra Anderson. (Just as curious as Adore O'Hare's record, is Hit & Run's other record, the debut 7" by Mad Society, the band known for having a 13 year old singer. Why Anderson chose to showcase the talent of a cross-dressing opera singer and a 13 year old punk singer are perhaps answered by reading her bio on Elekra's website.)

I used to see Adore all the time..opening for everyone from the Dickies to the legendary Top Jimmy. P.S. who's got the
live Top Jimmy tapes?..one of the top 5 bands ever to come from L.A...ever (the other four being: X, Buffalo Springfield, Love and The Doors)
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