Loop di Love

J Bastos Loop di Love (Bellaphon, 1969)

I am sure European readers of Crud Crud will know more about this song than I do. I've looked and found references for it but no real information. If someone wants to chime in on this, go for it.

Being that I am in the dark about the wheres, whens, and whys, let's get to the what. What a strange bird this one is! It kind of has a garage pop sound to it, but with all kinds of folk instruments crowding the back. Is this a family affair? How else to explain the accordion? Check out the cat pounding the hell out of the piano and, even better, listen closely to the dude sawing away on the fiddle. You can hear the horse hair screaming.

And then there are the lyrics: I saw you walking down the street/ Your hair was hanging down to knees / Your waist was waving like a ship / The way you look make me sick...Said "what you gonna do tonight"? / I'm in the mood of going out / You held my hand and than we went / To different places still I said / Come on and let us go to bed...I kiss your lips and close your eyes / You held me tight and kiss you twice / You start a loving bitter wave / So there was nothing to be said / And than you whispered in my ear / It's time to pay the work my dear / I hope you really satisfied / Another one's waiting outside / Love di loop di love...

Excuse me while I ask, "What the fuck?"

You should post the B side too. I Follow You is a great one. I really think it is better than the A side. I think this stuff might have been reissued on a Bubblegum comp at some point but I am not 100% certain on that. Speaking of Bubblegum, you ever heard a 45 by a guy named Bobby Ray called Storybook Love?
Ah..the memories! This actually was a hit in Holland and Germany (and probably elsewhere in Europe in october 1971. (#30 in germany, #3 (!!!) in Holland).
Juan Bastos had a further single in Holland bubbling under, "Holy Goly Girl" (sic?)also on the Pink Elephant label (same record co that released all Shocking Blue stuff
you know , back in the early 70's i had a single from juan bastos , and that b-side was so fantastic , but i can't (with the best will of the world remember the name ) only thing i know is it ended something like nanananamanananmaanan with a rough voice...i'm 45 now but i'f i could hear that one again it would make me 10 years younger :o)
great great great great
who the hell is this guy?
how could he make such a wonderful song (i dont know really if he wrote it)and disappear?
I recently received this message from a German friend.

Dear Paige,

.... it expresses my happy mood. And I send it to you because you should also be happy and easy and cause you like dutch popsmusic. The singer was a former boss of mine. The track was recorded in the netherlands, when all the people were drunk (listen to the tambourine) but the producer put it out as a single without the knowledge of my ex-boss. And so a stiff stingy person from the northern parts of germany became a popstar all over Europe (one hit wonder), he later produced bands like Pussycat and went into the media business where I met him….

Yes he had a second 7", yellow cover, i think also on the elephant label. the great nananananananaa rogh song is called alice.
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