Va T'en

Les Sultans Va T'en b/w Pour Qui Pourquoi 45 (Les Discques Millionnaires, 1965)

It has been a few years since folks outside of France have been hip to the French garage and Ye Ye scene of the 1960s. However, people are just now catching onto that a similar burst of Francophile bands were stomping around Quebec. It shouldn't be a surprise that UK Beat had an impact in French speaking Canada. Like nearly every other teen in the developed world, the 1960s saw French Canadian young'uns grab guitars, intent on being their town's Rolling Stones, Beatles, or the Zombies. One of these bands was Montreal's Les Sultans.

Formed in 1964 from the ashes of les Majestics de Sorel and les Dots, Les Sultans quickly scored a hit with Va T'en. In 1966, they hit real big with La poupee qui fait non. A year later they fell apart, leaving behind a couple albums and a collection of singles. Here you get the A & B sides of the Va T'en single, a nice slab of Zombies influenced pop.

I found this record in a rummage shop in Northfield, Minnesota. I am sure there are thousands of them in thrift stores north of the border, but it was a pleasant surprise scoring this in a town known mostly for manufacturing Maltomeal and running Jesse James out of town.

Absolutely amazing muzak! So, never the one to be satisfied with blogger info [no offense] I head off to find out more about these Sultans and -Voila! 3 more dynamite covers; 2 Zombies & one Kinks, can be found here http://drugburn.blogspot.com/2005/09/y-y-of-day-les-sultans.html - I'm not up on blogger etiquette [more french!] but I hope it's ok to send your fans to other sites...PEACE everybody!
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