The Truth Shall Make You Free

King Hannibal The Truth Shall Make You Free b/w It's What You Do 45 (Aware, 1972)

If you are into R&B at all there is a chance you've heard King Hannibal before. Maybe you haven't heard this record, but perhaps something by Hannibal or the Mighty Hannibal has come your way. Whatever the three names, they all belong to one person, James T. Shaw.

Shaw started his singing life in 1953 with the Ovations, had a string of minor hits, fought the tax problems and a heroin addiction, both of which landed him in jail. His experiences lead to a handful of great social consciousness songs including the great Hymn No. 5 and The Truth Shall Make You Free.

Here you get The Truth Shall Make You Free, which has been comped before by the folks at Norton Records but ahhh who cares? It is such a great song I couldn't resist. Plus the flipside, It's What You Do is a great Stax-style ballad that you need to hear (and after you are done, click on the link above and listen to the sample of Hymn No. 5).

I bear witness an' I was HOOKED! HOOKED! HOOKED!
this record's come into the goner shoppe a bunch, for some reason... almost always worn out from too much party-gospel-psych parties!

same label as the alarm clocks 45? i think so!

The Alarm Clocks 45 was on Awake - get it? KI
i've seen hannibal live twice and he was amazing. what a treat--thank you, norton. at 70 plus he's skinny as hell, has few teeth, sports that turban and performs better than any soul man today. (are there any true soul men today?)
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