You'll Lose

The New Bag You'll Lose (Date, 1966)

Here is an odd one. Jazz producer Ted Macero hands the New Bag a Dave Brubeck tune and then throws a heap o' reverb on the monotone vocals and the band injects a bit of anger and angularity into the playing. The result? Fucking great! This is one of the rare successful mating of garage punk and bebop. Hell, it might be the only pairing of garage punk and bebop. Can you imaging what fusion would have sounded like if this was its stepping stone? We would have had an ocean of hard edged, pissed off pleasure and not the simpy noodling of Scientologists, guru stooges, and cokeheads.

Yes, there is a flipside on this pup, but it is a jazzy version of Norwegian Wood and you really don't need to hear another take on that old whore.

Originally posted 01.05.06. Be back soon with new crud.

This song is fucking cool. The band is great but the monotone vocals really make it. I've never heard anything like this before!
whoa, this is a cool odd one. interesting monotone vocal production indeed. really interesting and unique.
curd curd, i hvae to haer teh bs-ide!
It`s a beautiful thing man!
this is the theme song for ever guy I have ever dated. this is fantastic.
What is this??? Bossanova-garage???
Very, very cooool!!!
According to the database at www.bmi.com the "D. Brubeck" credited with songwriting is not Dave but his son, Darius Brubeck. Probably his band, too.
Found this for a dollar. As far as I hear, the only copies issued of this are Radio Station copies. A real mean mindblower
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