Yuletide Greetings III

Pervert Productions XXX-Mas LP (Pervert Productions, 1976)

A couple months ago, I was digging through a box of records at my favorite record store when I found this one. I knew it had to be good as it was in a plain white sleeve with "XXX-MAS" stamped on it in red. There was no one in the store so I told the store owner to put it on. He dropped the needle on the first cut and proceeded to laugh our asses off. Granted this is juvenile, silly, moronic, and maybe even offensive, and to that I say, "So?" Christmas time is supposed to be a time of cheer and if a pisstake on the holiday isn't cheerful, I don't know what is. I'll take this record over a forced family experience any holiday.

Other than the label crediting Pervert Productions there is no hint who this is. I don't know where it was made but I am betting somewhere in California. The only reason you have a date here is the year is mentioned in one of the skits.

oh my god, dude. first mp3 i've listened to in a while that requires a post-listen shower. yikes!
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