Mike Guis d. 2005

And now some sad news. Sacramento's punk world has lost another member. Mike Guis died near his home in the Sacto's suburb of Rancho Cordova, after being hit by a car, while riding his bike. Mike was a fantastic drummer who made the most incredible noise out of drum sets that were often held together with only duct tape. To watch him drum was as close to watching a live version of the muppet Animal. However, Mike wasn't just all flailing and hyper-energy. Every band he was a part of was taken up a few notches by his talent, instinct, and energy. I played with Mike in the Pope Smashers for a year and, while I often had difficulties with him and ultimately was "vibed" out of the band, he was undoubtedly a great musician.

Mike is best known for drumming for two bands. He was pretty much the leader of the Pope Smashers, a legend in Sacramento, little known elsewhere. He was part of the Yah Mos in their "golden" period, drumming on Off Your Parents 7" and the Undefeated LP. He was also was an original member of !!! and can be heard on their first 7". He left the band after disagreements over the band's musical direction. Other bands he played in were HIV+ and Buttplug.

My sympathies to Mike's friends and fellow Pope Smashers.

This is truly a bummer. Never knew the guy...however, i was always floored by anything Mike drummed on, especially the popesmashers 7".
The drums were what i was anticipating most on the "lost" yahmos lp, so the fact that they are barely existant in the mix renders the entire album dismissable.

r.i.p mike g
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