It's Fun to Be Clean

The Human Beinz It's Fun to Be Clean (Capitol, 1968)

The year 2005 was a miserably filthy year. The post-911, fear-induced unity that seemed to keep us Americans blind to all that was going on around us started to crumble. For some reason, we discovered that things were not going as good in Iraq as Bush and his men (and woman) have been telling us. A couple of hurricanes proved how much compassion there is in conservatism and how secure the homeland is from the elements. The housing market came crashing down. More good jobs were lost to Asia and replaced by promising gigs such as Walmart greeter, coffee jock, and sales rep. Retail sales sagged and wages stagnated. People's credit started to get cut off and the option of bankruptcy as a reasonable out when faced with the loss of a house due to some medical emergency disappeared. Suddenly, it seemed that the Republican Party was as corrupt as a political party could get and that the Democrats were toothless and irrelevant (but haven't both been the case for years?). Surrounding us are "families of prayer," intent on realizing their Christian taliban state.

We hit the end of the year and we find out we are being spied on by our own government, not just the NSA spying on supposed terrorists (after sifting through millions of our emails and phone calls to find out who the so-called terrorists are) but the Pentagon, once again, infiltrating that hotbed of insurrectionary violence and pants-pissing dangerous people known as the Quakers, for legally protesting against the war. And now it looks like these elections in Iraq are a sham - well, at least a good part of the armed Iraqi population thinks so, the ones afraid of the Shia death squads (reported as militia) roaming cities and taking out Sunni young men. Just writing all that, I feel like a need a shower. But instead I will listen to a song.

The Human Beinz released It's Fun to Be Clean as a b-side to Turn on Your Love Light, and It's Fun... is just as good advise now as it was in 1968. After a fanfare, these squeaky clean lads advise us to stick with the crowd, be quiet, never make a fuss, and scrub, scrub, scrub. Clean shaven and lint free, that's what America needs to be. So join me as we march into 2006 by turning off your brain and getting back into that patriotic, know-nothing, genuflecting, well groomed Fourth R....errr....American spirit! You can start by listening to The Human Beinz play It's Fun to Be Clean. And have a Happy New Year!

HI Scott
Happy New Year 2006 :)
Scott, you hit the nail on the head with your review of 2005. I especially liked what you wrote about the "great jobs" (such as coffee jock and Walmart greeter) that Americans are forced to have now because of all these "patriotic red-blooded" republicans selling-off America there in Asia.

The best thing about 2005 was when Bush had his lowest public-approval rating ever, the lowest reported was 15%, that was after Hurricane Kartrina. Let's hope this low rating influenced some of the stubborn Jeff Foxworthy fans, the "Nascar dad's" and "Soccer Mom's" of the USA not vote so conservative during the next presidential election.

Anyway, keep up the good work with Crud Crud during 2006.
This song is fun! I love it. Thank you! and happy new year!
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