Nachts im Busch

Ethno Chip Nachts im Busch 7" (Ateliers Fabrikneu, 1983)

I was prepared to write that I know nothing about this other than I found it for a buck in some record store. And then I got a little creative with a google search and typed "ethnochip." This is what I now know.

EthnoChip was a music project done by German performer/artist Manu Trokes and photographer/artist Marc Altmann. According to Trokes' bio, EthnoChip released just one record, played one concert by themselves (1983), and did a collaboration with producer/Krautrock pioneer Conny Plank called Make me zoo, Pizza Star, Politicaticke (1984). And then they were gone.

Today you get just one song from this three song 7". Do not worry, you are not missing much by me not posting the other two (so please no "post the other songs"). What you are getting is by far the best thing on this record. Trust me.

thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed it. I had never heard of them before, it's cool that they had a Plank connection. Post more obscure German art-wave stuff whenever you are in the mood please.
What happened to the track??? Please re-post it. Thanks.
ohh..please re-up !
Had this single once and u certainly know how things go..
can u re-up?! could be the only one in blogospehre..thx :-)
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