They Call the Wind MARIA

The Bounders They Call the Wind MARIA b/w Mia 45 (Highland, 196?)

When Lerner and Loewe wrote the Broadway musical Paint Your Wagon I really doubt they ever thought the play's signature song would wind up in the hands of some teenage garage punk band, but it did. How, I can only imagine:

Somewhere in the American Midwest, four teens are in their garage pounding out a half assed version of Gloria. They finnish practice and Young Timmy saunters into the dining room. His mom says, "Why don't you and your friends play something normal people would like." "Mom, normal people like rock and roll." "You know what I mean, Timmy. Why don't you play something people like your dear mother would like to listen to." "Yeah sure, mom. You have any ideas," replies Timmy as he pours himself a glass of milk. "Why, yes I do. Why don't you play something from a musical. People like Broadway. Why don't you play They Call the Wind MARIA. It is very popular." "Well, I guess we could try," says Timmy as mom comes over and pats him on the head.

Who knows? Maybe that was the scene. Then again, maybe it was some label hack who thought he could sell Broadway garage punk. Whatever the case, the result is pretty jarring. It is pretty obvious that Lerner and Loewe had no intention of They Call the Wind MARIA (pronounced "mariah") ever being adapted to rock & roll. The song just isn't written to conform to the rock form. So when the Bounders take a run at it, the song sounds like a square crammed into a round hole. Add pounding drums, a fuzz break, and an odd ending and you get a pretty unique rendition.

The flipside is a ballad called Mia and it isn't any closer to normality than the plug. As the song progresses it sounds like someone is poking them with a stick: Their voices get more and more agitated, yet they still seem shackled.
These teens sound like they want to break out but something is holding them back. The song ends and it is as unsettling as the Lerner & Loewe.

Again, this is a mystery record. I have no idea where the Bounders are from. The producer is listed at The GreenFields. If you google Bounders and GreenFields you will find hundreds of links regarding Lord of the Rings - a bunch of stuff about orcs and hobbits and rangers.

Just like The Sonics decidig to record "Don't Be Afriad Of The Dark," or The Beatles doing "Til There Was You." Although that one was really pussy.
good stuff. hey crud crud, keep up the goos work.
This is seriously awesome stuff.
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