She Don't Know

Jamie Power
She Don't Know 45 (Jamie, 1965)

I've wrote this before: There are genres out there that I think offer me no surprises. I know I've heard everything that genre has to offer, and if I haven't heard everything, than I have heard everything good or I have heard every variation of everything good. Of course, this is complete bullshit and most likely just some kind of defense mechanism to keep me from suffocating under mounds of vinyl. Garage punk is one of those "Ahh I've heard it before" genres that I write of. How many clunky Louie Louie/Gloria/Bo Diddley inspired songs does one need to hear? Apparently, a few more.

In 2004, I dug up this pup at a favorite record store and bought it not knowing what to expect. I took it home and dropped needle and I might as well been one of those comic strip charactors that gets thrown backwards out of the panel in shock. Uh...wow! After a great little opening, this thing lurches forward with the power of a Sonics' song and then it keeps that energy going through the whole ride, with a nice explosion at the fade. It is two minutes of rock and roll perfection.

So who is Jamie Power? Jamie Power is actually Duffy Power. Duffy Power was the kind of a performer who is able to crawl into the rock and roll styles favored in his native England during the 1960s and excel. That he never became a huge name in the UK or a name at all in the US doesn't mean his songs are worth a listen. I've heard a handful of his songs since I unearthed She Don't Know and they are all good, ranging from bluesy jams to Beat thumps. Power had only one record released in the US and this is it. The record label chose to use the name Jamie instead of Duffy, because Duffy sounded too wimpy. As far as I know, this record was not released in the UK.

Second that emotion. While I don't know nearly as much about 'music' as you clearly do - this is really good.

Criminy - how many other _good_ musicians put out stuff like this and disapeared without a trace?
WHeres the link to it I couldnt find it on the internet and the song isnt hi lited so Im suffering from song tease now! wanting to hear something but not being able to! Great site, interesting rock history insights.
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