Los Angeles Police Pipe Band s/t

Los Angeles Police Pipe Band s/t LP (Glenfinnan, 1984)

I am a very big fan of cop bands, however everything has it limits. I think I have reached mine with the Los Angeles Police Pipe Band. I am not sure when or where the bag pipe/cop thing got started but I do know that it is not uncommon at police funerals for at least one bag piper to show up and toot. I imagine the bag pipe thing has something to do with the police being our protectors in a war against the criminal element and so on and so forth. It is pretty common knowledge that the Scots used bag pipes in war, in order to confuse and terrify their enemies. It is also well known that there is a tradition of militarism within United States law enforcement, particularly the LAPD. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Los Angeles Police Pipe Band was "formerly established in ceremonies by Chief of Police Daryl F. Gates...in 1979." Los Angeles's finest pipe band plays at funerals and parades. Given that the Police Pipe Band started soon after the birth of LA punk, I am very surprised that Gates didn't send the pipers into to the Elk's Lodge in an attempt to terrorize the punkers. I won't hip you to the medley that you are about to hear, however I think you should put down your drink before you listen.

There oughta be a law...
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