Que Normal?

The Emperor I'm Normal 45 (Current, 1966)
Los Crazy Bird's Soy Normal (Orfeon, 196??)

About six months ago I was digging through 45s in the back rook of a Latin record store in Northern California, picking out anything that had "twist," "bugalu," "hanky panky," or a couple dozen other rock/R&B dance names on the label. (A quick lesson here: Nearly all Latin records have the dance rhythm next to the song or at the side of the label. These range from "son" to "ranchero" to "twist" to "cha cha cha" to "shrug." If you want to know whether a record is rock or funky sounding without listening to it, you can get a hint by knowing the dance rhythms and reading the label or song credits. Do your homework and you will save a lot of money when you skip over one of Los Freddys rancheros for one of their garage punk 45s.) I came out of the back room with a small stack of 45s by Los Rockin Devil's, Enrique Guzman, and other Latin American rock and rollers. One of the 45s was Soy Normal by Los Crazy Bird's.

I go home and start playing the records. I get to Soy Normal and think "Great song. I've heard this before." For an hour I flip through 45s, playing Soy Normal over and over, looking for that record that it reminds me of. Then in the novelty section of my 45s I get to I'm Normal by The Emperor. Okay, I'm Normal / Soy Normal : same meaning. I look at the song credit. Soy Normal is credited to Bod Hudson. I'm Normal is credited to Bob Hudson. Same song. I play them side by side. Well, kinda the same song: Los Crazy Bird's pulled I'm Normal out of the novelty world and made it more of a garage song. Great find and I didn't even know it at the time!

And what about The Emperor and I'm Normal? The Emperor is the late Bob Hudson, a radio dejay and half of the comedy duo Hudson & Landry, whose records are quite common in thrift stores. I'm Normal is Hudson's answer song to Napoleon XIV's They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Haa. I recommend you listen to The Emperor's version of I'm Normal first.

One of the greatest tunes in the "I'm Normal / Coming To Take me Away" vein is this killer sixties number called "They're Here" by Boots Walker from '66 or '67 I think. Similar beat, but includes guitar! It's about being abducted by UFOs.
I'd like have the songs of the group "the crazy birds", do you have any songs?

I'm Alex Garcia

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