The Bug (Halloween III)

Leonard Johnson The Bug 45 (Arvee, 1959)

If there is anything as good as a song about a bunch of monsters suckering people into playing Russian roulette with a full revolver, it is a tune about a giant bug from outer space crashing a party. That is what we get with Leonard Johnson's The Bug.

As with The Monsters Four record, I can't really tell you much about this one or Leonard Johnson. The best I can do is guess that Johnson was either from Pittsburgh or Little Rock. From a little research I know that there is a family of musicians from Pittsburgh that have passed on the Leonard Johnson name and that some of them have played R&B or the Blues. I also know that pop-jazz saxophonist Art Porter's band teacher in Little Rock was named Leonard Johnson.

The flipside? A pretty good blues number called You Can't Run Away From Love.

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