Pink Invasion

1.4.5. Pink Invasion 12" (Archive, 1981)

There are genres that you think you've heard almost everything there is or at least you think you can find a reference to almost everything released. Punk rock from 1976 to 1983, Sixties garage punk, French Ye-Ye, psych, 70s/80s power pop, Northern soul, rockabilly have all been thoroughly comped, bootlegged, MP3ed, chronicled, and entered into some discography somewhere. However, every once in a while, I stumble upon something that I know must have been documented but never is. This 1.4.5. record is such a case.

So what do I know: The names of the band members, that it was recorded in 1981, and that they were from Syracuse, New York - which is where I bought it about five or so years ago (a thrift store, if you must know). I also know what the thing looks like and perhaps when my computer gets up and running again (damn you Bill Gates!) I'll throw a cover scan up here. Right now you will have to settle for the music, which I am sure you will be happy to settle for, as this is Grade A, Power Pearls quality power pop. Here are all four tracks. Good luck, tracking one of these down!

After googling the 1.4.5.'s, I ran across a Syracuse community radio station that has a program called This is Rocknroll Radio. The hosts list them on their playlist for June 20, 2004. Their emails are on the first link above. They might be able to provide you with info on the band.
Archive is the label of 2 of the New Math singles, which are numbered 1301 and 1302. Is this 1303? The New Math singles turn up enough that I couldn't imagine this is so rare. But powerpop on 7" is more popular than on 12" There's one on GEMM available from the infamous Stoopid Records.
I am sure they thought they were being cute when the label numbered the 1.4.5. record ARE145. I have dont web searches for this since I got it 5 years ago and all I find is the Stoopid listing and a few others. When I inquire about the ones for sale from other dealers they all state that it sold quite a while ago. Its a hard one to track down.
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