Barbara Sellers Brazil 45 (Crystal Records, 196??)

There was a time where a good portion of American homes had an organ sitting in the living room. It had a rhythm track or three built into it, some foot peddles to play bass, and different settings where you could make the keys approximate horns or strings or guitar (never sounded right). The kids would jump on the organ from time to time but it usually sat dusty until the holiday season, when some aunt or uncle would sit down and play Christmas songs, a few oldies, and slip in something current like "Do You Feel Like I Do" for the teens - oh yes, and "Baby Elephant Walk." Unfortunately for 99.9999999999999999999999999% of America, Timmy Thomas ain't their uncle. Also unfortunate is that Barbara Sellers wasn't their aunt.

The little I know about Ms Sellers is from the record label and grooves of this lil black thing. She is most likely from Chicago. She plays a Hammond X-66 organ. And her music makes me think of a psychedelic Woody Allen. If you know more or happen to have witness a Christmas performance by her at a relatives house, please come forth.

I just met Ms. Sellers....she lives 2 doors down the street from me (we just moved). I googled her and this reference popped up. What a lot of history here!!! If you have any questions, now is the time, she ain't getting any younger!
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