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Spit Baby Two Songs (Crud Crud, 2003)

Today I'm gonna post something I haven't done before: I am presenting two songs that have never seen any kind of release and were made digitally from start to finish. The reason why is because my fancy computer is still down and my compu-guru is out of town on business. Technically I am still back in 1999, when computers ran slow. My old computer grinds along fine but it limits what I can post here, so I dig through old wav files and see what I can give you. Today I found two songs that I made up on this machine in March 2003. Both songs were assembled from records recorded into Soundforge, then chopped up, looped, and overdubbed. I didn't use any filters or mess with the sound in any other way. I forget exactly what records I used for these things, but I do recall one being an Ethnic Folkways album from South America (Bolivia?), some drum-based exotica record, a record by the French musician Areski, a bird training record, a whistle from a New York Dolls LP, and perhaps a couple others. I've got more of this crap, so if you folks dig this stuff I'll post other songs in the future. The lady in the picture? That's my mom way back when Nat King Cole ruled the scene.


DDT is especially cool.
Because Americans always need to find comfort in referencing something new to something familiar, I'm going to say this reminds me of Gang Gang Dance. Pretty cool!
Great stuff, I love cut-ups! I'd like hearing more if you've got it.
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