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Karate Party Black Helicopter LP (S-S, 2005)

I am kind of reluctant to use this thing to push "product," but I am thinking, what the hell. I'll give you a song and if you like it you visit the website for the label I do and if you don't, oh well. So figure this to be kinda like one of those paypal thingies that you see on blogs more and more.

Okay, so what you are going to here is the band Karate Party. They were active in Sacramento in the mid to late 90s. They played mostly in Sacramento, but had a few shows out of town. I put out a 7" of theirs in 1997, which was poorly mastered. It took me three years to sell 300 of them because no one knew what the hell a Karate Party was and there was a vinyl glut at the time. One hundred copies were bought by a band from Seattle called Bend Sinister, after a KDVS deejay named named Sakura Saunders played it for them while they were on a short West Coast tour. Bend Sinister soon morphed into the A Frames and when they were ready to record, they contacted Chris Woodhouse - him being the brains behind Karate Party - and asked him to record them. They came down to Sacramento, I sat in on the session and mixdown (which happened in Woodhouse's apartment - across the hall from me) and we had a grand ol' time. It was a great recording and I figured why not put it out. I was broke so I got ahold of Sakura and asked if she wanted in on a record label. She said, sure. We called it S-S Records and put out A Frames "Plastica" 7". Now, four years later we are back to where this whole S-S saga began, back to Karate Party.

What you are about to hear is one cut from the Karaty Party discography LP, Black Helicopters. If you like it, check out the S-S Records website.

Listen to Donut Room.

Wow.. small world. I had no idea you were involved in S-S. Big A-Frames fan, and I think I ordered the vinyl of "2" and the CD of the first album direct from you.

This track is superb - will be ordering asap.

Check out a band I've recorded called Montana Pete. They're from London and they give away all their records for free (a bit of old vinyl, and the recent stuff is all proper production run CD's - not CD-R's). Listening to KP and A-Frames, I think you'd almost certainly enjoy it.

Thanks for the great fucked-up mp3's, and also the great records.
So does this mean you're not going to release anything by "The Big D"?
"poorly mastered"-- lemme guess, you had the pressing plant do the mastering for you.
No, I had Aardvark do it for me...the first time. This time I had John Golden do it. I've had Golden do a lot of stuff for me and I have nothing but praise for the them, from sound to service, they are the tops. Actually I have United's inhouse person do my 7"s (and the two A Frames LPs I did). I've heard others complain but I have seemed to develop a relationship with him and the price is right. I wish I could use Golden for 7"s but it just makes the cost per record too high. Also Bill Smith's inhouse masterer does a good job. The only place that ever screwed stuff up for me (several times) is Aardvark.
I've used United twice to press records before, and they did a great job, but I was warned early on not to let the pressing plant do the mastering.. I've used Metropolis Mastering in Chicago, with good success. I've heard that Golden has a long wait/backlog-- is that true?

I think a detailed walkthrough of getting a record pressed would make for an interesting enough blog entry, if you'd consider it. It could maybe keep other people from re-making the same mistakes, at least...
If you have a masterer whose work, service, & price you like, no reason to switch.

Golden's turnaround usually is 2 weeks, if longer they tell you. They are good at that.
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