Dennis Weaver Speaks!

Dennis Weaver Genesis Through Exodus 45 (Warner Brothers, 19??)

Yes, this is Dennis Weaver the actor who played Deputy Chester Goode on Gunsmoke, Tom Wedloe on Gentle Ben, and Sam McLoud on McLoud, as well as a gazillion other TV and film roles. This is also the same Dennis Weaver that lives in a house made out of recycled cans and car tires, and tirelessly campaigns for the environment and against war. And this Dennis Weaver once made a record.

Genesis Through Exodus came at a brilliant crossroad in American music, where the celebrity met the story song. Everyone from Wink Martindale to Lorne Greene were turning them out so why not Dennis Weaver? He had a part on a major TV series and Warner Brothers was willing, Dennis certainly deserved his chance. Genesis Through Exodus is what resulted.

No need to tell you what transpires in the song. I'll leave that to your ears. As for Dennis Weaver, well he is fighting the good fight on his website where he writes "Patriotism does not mean that we acquiesce meekly to those in power, but to speak out when we feel that they are making decisions contrary to the good of our country and the welfare of its people."

Who was buying this stuff? When I saw the title I thought it was gonna be like on the Simpsons where Larry King reads the Bible on tape.
I own the Dennis Weaver album! I'm going to be writing up one of his songs pretty soon. Boy, is the internet ever lucky.
Is there supposed to be an mp3 link of "Genesis Through Exodus" here somewhere?
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