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It has been hot here. Hell, it's been hot everywhere. But I live in an attic apartment and the air condition ain't worth a shit. As a result, the fan on my PC burned out. I just replaced it and am backlogged with stuff to do. I will post new stuff in a day or two so patience. But you can always listen to my radio show. It airs every Tuesday night from 11 to Midnight PST on KDVS 90.3 FM, however you can also listen to it on the web or download my past show. In fact, you can download it right now. Click on the KDVS link, go to the schedule page, find my name at Tuesday 11 pm, click on it, and you can stream it or download it as a wav or MP3. It is free & no registration is required.

This week I played songs by
Standard of Living, Lovely Little Girls, Mr Luggs, The Fuck-Ups, The Millionaires, My Erotic Narcotic, Flipper, The Moronics, and others (see Radio Rebel Kind for full playlist).

The S.F. Fuck-Ups 45 is great. A plus, Jello hated it.
I gotta hear that. And any other releases on Fowl Records besides the Black Humor LP.
Yes, the ones worth seeking out, besides the Fuck Ups & Black Humor are

Urban Assault 7" from HC 82
Legionaire's Disease Band 7" texas punk via SF, okay
Verbal Abuse - american band LP (1st press)
Precission Bearings 7" - absolutely great art punk
I was in Brother Nigel's when it was a garage band in SoCal and through many gigs, a couple of recording sessions, and eventual demise when I joined the Venice Canaligators full time. We also performed as Band of Angels and the Berries. We were the house band at Gazarri's on the Strip for over two years, playing original dance music and some covers a la Motown, Beatles and Kinks. Del Shannon liked us describing our sound as Rolling Stones with Everly Brothers harmonies. The house band after us at Gazzari's was Van Halen, who used to rock out hard to small weeknight audiences. They obviously had other conquests in mind. Fantasy president, Saul Zaentz took us to the Cheeta to meet Creedence Clearwater Revival when they opened for Howlin' Wolf on a week night. There were about ten people there. I now live in San Luis Obispo and still play as part of Bob and Wendy www.bobwendy.com.
We recorded these tracks at Whitney studios in Glendale. I remember the reverb chamber was a long hallway with a mic at one end and a speaker at the other. The verb was adjusted by moving them closer together or farther apart. We also used tape echo. The cello solo, played by me, was spur of the moment and had nothing to do with the song. Neil Young was recording in Studio A and we were in B. He poked his head in at one point to see what was up. The lead singer/songwriter is still active musically in LA, working under the name Grayson Wray. You can hear his work at cdbaby.com.
Bob Liepman
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