Look at the Floor / Terrible Train

Brother Nigel's Proxy Party Look at the Floor 45 (Fantasy, 196?)

The U-DWI Peoples Paraphernalia Terrible Train 45 (Brunswick, 196/7?)

You know the record labels were trying to cash in on current music trends with these two bands. They both have the mark of appropriated or studio bands. The names suggest that some label boss had a PR guy try to figure out what the kids would dig. "Gimmie a name that the young people will buy. Something English or uhh druggie." Some unfortunate band is lured into a contract, they record a single, and it comes out under another name. Sorry guys. Or a bunch of studio musicians are hired and told, "Make it funky and with some of that jazz." The musicians fade away and all is left is a record and a dopey name.

All that is to say, I don't know crap about either of these bands. I suspect that Brother Nigel's Proxy Party is from the San Francisco/Berkeley area, as that is where Fantasy is based. Because Brunswick is a Chicago label, I'll gander that U-DWI is from there. I also know that both bands turn out a couple mutants. Brother Nigel has got some gypsy psych thing going and U-DWI is mating the funk to the free jazz. It all works for me. Once again, if you have an info on either record, feel free to post a comment.

Funk 45 collectors grab that U DWI Peoples Paraphernalia 45 for the flip "Push and Pull (the Tom Jones)".
Yeah, the flip is good, but the a-side is strange.
i think u dwi is hugh masekela related
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