Slow Crimes

The Work Slow Crimes LP (Woof, 1982)

Perhaps it is a bit late to slag New York's modern mutant disco scene, but, fuck that rehash. And find this album by The Work and you'll say fuck them twice again.

The Work was Tim Hodgkinson's band after he left Henry Cow and before he did a bunch of other arty stuff with other folks. They put out one LP and one 7", I Hate America. Both are great blends of art punk, no wave, post punk, and funk. The vocals are fey as hell and this borders on artfag hell BUT there are enough interesting things and rude/abrupt twists that it has held my interest for months. The guitars and noises take this to places all the rehashers can't even begin to to imagine that they imagine that they imagine. This is that far beyond such modern day nonsense.

I dragged this pup out of a great record store in Paris called Bimbo Tower, which I very much recommend you visit when in that nifty town. I bought because store co-owner (and member of the great kids music band, Dragibus) Franqo looked at me and said, "Hmmmm hmmmm, vou theenk vou know artfaag. Hmmmm hmmmm stupid American." Then he threw it on the store record player. Damned if I didn't know my artfaggotry! And damned if I didn't feel very stupid. Not wanting to be a seen as a stupid, artless, fagless American in the eyes of the French people, I bought the record.

What the hey!!! I also bought this LP in Paris! For a measley 40 francs (ah, those pre-Euro days..) or something like that. Pretty good record, but for some reason I never bothered to hunt down the 7". Paris must be a good place for artfag stuff because I picked up the Art & Language LP (Red Krayola related) as well, a super lame record, but with one killer track. If I remeber correctly my brother picked up the Electric Eels LP (on Homestead) and the Charles Manson LIE LP on the same trip! I think the name of the shop was Crockodil or something, think they had two branches i Paris.
yeah, crockodil has two stores, one next to the other. one has rock and one has jazz, soul, world, etc. Both are good. I hit most of the record stores there in March and came away very happy. Though the prices were higher than I am used to paying, they were lower than internet prices (like Metal Boys LP for $20 US instead of $50 US). But I also found cheap stuff, too. The really expensive thing there are American pressings and even for dogshit like Bruce Springstein. Went into one store on a side street by the Louve that was stuffed with US records, none under 20 euro, most of it crap I could find in bargin bins here.
gah! This one was on the lineup for Cake & Polka! I love this record.

I have a problem with using the term "Art Fag" for this record. art fag, to me, is more fey and fucking precious...while this is more ART FAGGOT, more of a threat, more abrasive.

more arty!
and it's also ironic that I just listened to this a half hour ago when I woke up.
You pose an interesting question: are the Art Bears art fags or art faggots? The reason I ask is I have always found those big barrel chested, half dressed, hairy dude in the Castro more threatening than the leather boys. And another question: What would art-GLGT community sound like? No very funny, is my guess.
I don't understand the correlation of the art bears to castro boys & leather men.

were getting kinda stupidly semantic here, but Art Bears, although a bit precious, would be Art Faggots, due to their complexity and occasional dissonance. people find that more threatening than some fucking power chords being pounded out and some idiot flailing around screaming.

what is GLGT? gay lesbian gay transgendered?
I'm sorry it was GLBT, which would be much funnier if it was GBLT.

I hate to explain a (failed) joke. Art Bear was a play on Art Fag, the "bear" part of Art Bear referring to hairy, burly gay men (as opposed to gym sculptured, waxed leather men). The question being are bears more threatening than leathermen? If so and if art faggots are more threatening than art fags and if the Art Bears are art faggots, than cant we simply just leave the fag/faggot distinction out of it and let the Art Bears be art bears? Sorry, I am a big fan of Edward Lear.
good lord! am I a dolt!
Art fag suspicions can be confirmed with an actual Homosexual in the band: I read somewhere that The Work's "Live in Japan" record features the inimitable bass stylings of Jim from the Homosexuals.
Great disc! I'm pretty sure I still have it... it may've been a victim of a mid-'90s purge, but you've made me want to look for it. Great site, by the way: an eclectic mix I can chew on.
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