Movin' with the Giants

Box and Bleacher Society Movin' with the Giants 45 (Mammoth)

I have a very small collection of sports records. As they were done by fans with little musical chops or studio musicians wanting to cash in on a teams popularity, most of them blow. Every once in a while I find one that is either exceptionally good (Vida Blue) or exceptionally bad (Hakeem Olajuwan's The Dream). What you are about to hear is exceptionally good. It is certainly a song worthy of the team that it is about, probably the greatest Giants team to ever play in Frisco.

I promised that if the A's passed .500, I'd give you Giants fans something to be happy about. So here it is. Once again, Oakland proves who rules the Bay. This one goes out to RW (and you other long suffering Giants fans)!

You're right, this is exceptionally good. Great record for the all-star break.

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