All for One

The Loading Zone All for One LP (Umbrella, 1968 or 1970 depending on who you trust)

The Loading Zone formed in Oakland, California in 1967 from the remains of a jazz band called The Tom Paul Trio and a Berkeley psych group named the Marbles. They took the jazz and the psych and crammed it with R&B and recorded a very underrated but sought after debut called One For All. The record contains some full bore MC5 style R&B blasts, some psychishness, and a bit of free jazz. There is a little too much jazz and too much funkiness for the psych & garage crowd thus it's rep. Plus the band released a self-titled album with jazz singer Linda Tillery which is the blues rock that people write the band off as. And sure some of All for One gets a little much, but it is a solid record. Hell, it is worth it for their version of Think alone.

Every listing of All for One that I have seen online claims that the record was released in 1970 and that Loading Zone was released in 1968. However that does not jibe with the band's line up or the sound of each record. All for One does not have Tillery on it though every history says that she was in the band when it was recorded? The sound on All for One is far rarer than the self-titled record, it sounds like a band before full gloss. The choice of Think as a cover is also far more of a 1968 idea than 1970.

Perhaps aiding to the confusion is that All for One is a hard record to find and, when you do find it, the record goes for $100+. The self-titled record is not difficult to obtain and can be had for $10. (as far as I can tell only the self-titled has been reissued on CD.) If I was to think the self-titled is the first, thus the least commercial of the two, and I could easily pick up a copy, well, yeah, sure I'd assume that there is no need to track down the "second" and much, much better record.

Due to space on the server you get just one. I would love to turn you on to the Loading Zone's 15 minute free jazz workout Enter but, alas, this dial up and my server conspire against me.

This is honestly the first James Brown cover I can think of that actually improves upon the original. Wow.
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