Happy Birthday America, Pt 2

Scott Beach/Mike Bozzoli Bicentennial Salute to the American Truck Driver 7" (B&M, 1976)

From Fort Bragg to Eureka, California and across this great land, Mike Bozzoli hauled freight for 30 years at the time of this recording. In tribute to the professional drivers who brings you beer, wheat, and steel, Bozzili has penned this classic. Produced by Leo Kulka and narrated by Scott Beach, you will hear the epic story of those who Unite the United States.

I found this wonder at my favorite record store just last Monday. I walked in and the owner sez "I was hoping you would stop by" and pointed at 20 boxes of 45s that just came in. I walked out with a 2 1/2 foot pile.

Have an unsafe and insane July 4th!

fabuous...this is on my playlist and i will enjoy playing this at full volume on my way to work..yeeeha...
Awesome find. I am so proud of my hearty forebears.
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