Happy Birthday America, Pt 1

Keisa Brown Happy Birthday America 45 (Little Star, 1976)

God knows where I found this 45 other than in a pile! Mississippi-born, Chicago-raised Keisa Brown took the path of many soul singers. She started as a backup singer (with Gladys Knight, Lou Rawls, & others). She did a little sweet soul, got funky with a band called Prime Cut, and when disco hit, she turned out some tunes for the cocaine crowd. On this single she teams up with producer HB Barnum (!) for a so-so disco songs and a nice & funky tribute to America on her 200th Birthday. While there are so many things to complain about this country - from blind projection of power to mindless consumerism blah blah blah - it is little pieces of plastic like this that make me happy to be here. (Hell, we could pull all our troops out of everywhere and send out an army of vinyl fiends. Give me a portable turntable and a copy of Surfin Bird and I'll conquer the fucking world!) The lyrics on this are pretty great, especially the first line and the second verse.

Cool tune. I'm old enough to remember Bicentennial Fever well. This makes me a little nostalgic...
I never heard this 45, but I knew Keisa personally. I say knew because she is being funeralized today. She will be truly missed by everyone who ever came in contact with her!
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