Ulok egy rozsaszinu kadban

Ulok egy rozsaszinu kadban b/w Citromizu banan 7" (Pepita, 1977)

What I know about Hungarian rock and roll you could put in my fist. I know that the State frowned on it. I know that, like in many Eastern European countries, it was a haven for dissidents. And I know I found a 7" by one of the top Hungarian bands of the 70s - Metro - in a Chico, California thrift store.

One of the great things about Eastern European rock and roll is that, aside from the state sponsored groups who sound stiff, the bands all wind up filtering a whole array of influences to make up a music that sounds both whole and kinda mixed up. To Eastern Euros during the Soviet reign, there were not all the genre distinctions that plagued American and British rock and roll. No glam, no garage, no psych, no prog, no blues rock, no heavy metal. On the other side of the Iron Curtain, rock and roll was rock and roll. The scarcity of it lead to whatever E. Euros could get their hands on being absorbed as an influence. Thus you get bands like Metro, who sound like they've ingested the Ohio Express, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Os Mutantes, Cockney Rebel, the Hair soundtrack and Lenin knows what else.

HI....if you want some Hungarian music check out Szeki Kurva. (now known as the fighting cocks out of london) Might fit in your show or art for spastics...sorta digital hardcore meets traditional hungarian music. You might like it...or not.
and oh, nice blog....keep it up.
I'd like to download this song "Citromizu Banan". Where can I find it?
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