A favorite record cover, part one

The Ermar Duet are a Filipino folk duo. The songs sound like the Ermars were taught them by Christian missionaries into the Kingston Trio and Pat Boone-style rock and roll. Some of the song titles are Tabo, O Kikay, Ice Drop, and Yari Na Yari Na. On the back cover, there is a photomontage on one of the Ermars climbing a woman's breast while the other grabs the first one's ass. The record was made in the Philippines and is on VIP Records. No date but looks to be late 60s or early 70s. Found in a thrift store in Ithaca, New York.

hey post the back, please!!!!!
Yea, where's the back!

Plus, I liked the Black Flag piece. I'm from the South Bay and they'd play parties in high school. Henry used to walk around every day all day . One day I was sick and in bed and I looked out my window and there was a bald guy with a search and destroy tatoo walking down the suburban street.
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