Seasons of Change

The New Experience Seasons of Change 45 (G/H, 196?)

Ha! What a charming piece of awkward pop! Goofy rhymes, an odd percussion combo which doesn't quite sync, and a vaguely Christian message. This one is a complete mystery. The song writer is a guy named Alfred Nobriga, Jr. Google searches show that there was a guy by that name who testified in a murder trial in Hawaii, was caught up in the biggest drug seizure ever made on the "Big Island" in Hawaii, and wrote a song that appeared in the not-so-vaguely Christian movie Soul Surfer. Now if this is the same guy, he has had quite a busy and varied life. If Alfred Nobriga, Jr. happens to be a somewhat common name in Hawaii, than I hope that this Alfred never needs to undergo a background check and has to explain that he is not responsible for crimes done by those who share his name. 

Anyway, here is a nice song to usher in the Summer. 

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