El Ritmo Inconfundible de Columbia

De Nuevo Los Hispanos De Columbia El Ritmo Inconfundible de Columbia LP (Discos Fuentes, 19??)

I love the Discos Fuentes label - it is one of the labels that is on my buy-blind list. If the record is cheap, the cover remotely promising, and it is a Fuentes, the disk goes into a pile and the pile to the front counter and then off to my place. Not all of these Fuentes blind buys are winners. In fact, a good many of them suck. But when they do hit, I am very happy. This album by De Nuevo Los Hispanos De Columbia is one Fuentes that has made me a happy man.  The band skips through cumbias, merengues, plenas, paseos, and a whole lot of paseaitos. There is even a jala jala here and a calypso. Translated for you folks who don't know your Latin rhythms: Los Hispanos play a really nice mix of continental Latin and Caribbean styles. They also have an engaging singer in a fellow named Rodolfo. I have no idea when this was recorded but given the sound and the group's look, I'd say late 60s/early 70s. 

These samplings made me a happy woman!

And you lucked out - the only copy I can find on line is going for $24.
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