There Ain't No Age For Rock And Roll

The Veterans There Ain't No Age For Rock And Roll 45 (Best Seller, 1979)

Crap alert! Crap alert! The Veterans protest for rock & roll acceptance of seniors is not only one of the shittiest songs I've heard but it pretty much makes the case against the aged having anything to do with the music. Seriously, if I was in Forever Young I'd track these two Belgians down and gum them to death. Read somewhere that this not only made the charts in Europe but hit #6 in Australia. Good on ya, my Aussie friends.  Rumor has it that Gus Roan and Marc Malyster the oldsters behind this thing had an early single commenting on the jogging craze, but I've yet to track it down. 

"I'm Jogging" http://youtu.be/HnTIq8byCcA

I meet only one album of this group and all songs from this was very very good especially No More Smoking, No More Wine...
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