The Revels  Downtown b/w Dollar Sign 45 (Kapp, 196?)

Not to be confused with the West Coast hot rod/surf band of the same name, these Revels were a Black R&B group who made some fantastic singles in the early 60. This is one of the best. Pet Clark might have made the Bridge & Tunnel Crowd's theme for downtown, but the Revels speak for everyone else. A great song with a slight noir feeling to it. The flip "Dollar Sign" is just as good as the A side and one of my favorite songs about money. Enjoy.


Radio 9.27.11

Plum Run Little Miss Inside [Avco Embassy]  
Ronnie Self Ain't I'm A Dog [Columbia]  
Lynette West If She Doesn't Want You [Josie]  
Renfro & Jackson Elephant Game [GSP]  
Phil Gordon Good Mornin Judge [Riviera]  
Group Therapy Bad News [Canterbury]  
Hoyt Axton w/ the Chamber Brothers Greenback Dollar [Horizon]  
The Paradons I Want Love [Milestone]  
Bobby Straker Leave Marriage Alone [Hunt]  
Orchestre African Fiesta Linga Mbala Moko [Vita]  
Ralph Sharon The Night Prowler [Duchess]  
The Stratfords Never Leave Me [O'Dell]  
The Spiders How Could I Fall In Love [Philips]  
Tin Tin Toast & Marmalade for Tea [Atco]  
John Roberts I'll Forget You [Duke]  
Victory Five of Sacramento John [Gospel Corner]  
Eddie Curtis The Louisville Lip [Raftis]  
Lee Austin Real Woman [People]

I literally grabbed a stack of records and head out the door. Many of these songs I heard for the first time playing it on this show. Flying blind and it turned out well, one of my favorites! Listen http://kdvs.org/show-info/1901
Also available for parties, anniversaries, bris's, and corporate mixers


Radio 9.13.11

Playlist for show 9.13.11 (aka Listen to me butcher language other than English)

some trippy rock stuff at the end of Mick Mucus's show
talk about Mick's flea bath & uric acid

Villagers of Krustiltsi Planino Pirin [Nonesuch Explorer]  
Moondog Themes & Variations/Rim Shot [Honest Jon's]  
Hej Nackskott Liten och kissnodig    [Lystring]  
Limonada Pies Descolzos [Lion]  
Les Baxter Jungle River Boat [Capitol]  
Lol Coxhill Two Sleepy People [Habada]  
William Matta Waynik Ya Leila [Voice of Beirut]  
Joe Farrell Quartet Collage for Polly [CTI]  
Koscak Yamada Rokkyuh [Toshiba]  
Deftene Belete Mengesh Bagana [Lyrichord]  
John Fahey The Waltz that Carried Us Away... [Takoma]  
Joe Chambers Jihad [Muse]  
C Section 8 Gated Horns [Turned Word]  
Kip Setchko Breath (the endless poem)    [Lazy River]  

Stream/DL http://kdvs.org/show-info/1776


Somewhere Along the Line

Carey Foster  Somewhere Along the Line LP (1987)

I am sure everyone reading this knows the story of the evolution of Rhythm & Blues from Black gospel music and the secularization of church music by Ray Charles and others.  Prior to this break, along with jazz, gospel was the innovating force in American music.  However as R&B developed and became Soul (and then Funk), gospel lost its place as the leader. For a while it stuck to its sound and musically became pretty stagnant. While people like Andre Crouch brought gospel much commercial success and a wider audience, musically there's been no one on par with James Brown, Sly Stone, George Clinton, Prince, Quincy Jones, etc. But what there has been are moments, reactions to whatever sound was reverberating in Soul. In the Seventies, gospel funk takes hold. Vernard Johnson pioneered gospel sax, with sounds that, at times, echoed Albert Ayler. Later, gospel rap took hold. Between gospel funk and gospel rap, there was another reaction happening. That was gospel's response to modern soul, i.e. the music of Prince, Cameo, Rick James, Lakeside, Gap Band, Zapp, etc. For the random music fan, this is not a genre I recommend jumping into. Like modern soul, the gospel reaction has a much higher miss ratio to the hits.  Though there are great songs in the genre, I have yet to find an album as back-to-back great as Zapp II or Price 1999. Nothing close to Cameo's Knights of the Sound Table or Rick James Street Songs. Could be lurking out there but I haven't come upon it. I have found the mod gospel equivalent of Gap Band and the Mary Jane Girls LP (unfortunately in quality not content!). But I have found a handful of really great songs. Take the title cut from Carey Foster's (only?) album Somewhere Along the Line. Backed by keyboard and drum machine, hanging on a single riff, Foster's "Somewhere..." sounds like it came from the studio of Sly Stone (think Little Sister). And check out the backing vocal aping Sly's guitar before engaging in some killer singing. Foster goes between sing talking and gospel wailing with perfection. Listen to this a couple times in a row and you'll be bouncing up and down, trying to sing along with the background singers. Great song. Unfortunately, nothing else like it on the album. 



Playlist for 08.30.11

Skeleton Crew The Border [Rift] 
If - Then - Else Hey Big Oil [Contagion] 
Pink Floyd Main Theme [Harvest] 
Wolfgang Reichmann & Streetmark Eileen [Sky] 
Manfred Mann Chapter Three Travelling Lady [Polydor] 
Graham Matters You're Driving Me Insane [Inter Planetary Pictures] 
Billy Syndrome Brooklyn [Slutfish] 
The Red Crayola March No. 14 [Bomb] 
Le Ton Mite The Year of the Cherry Blossom [Galerie Pache] 
Chiemi Eri Kuroda-Bushi [King] 
Jose de Molina La Rueda de Historia [JS] 
Harvey Mandel Uno Ino [Janus] 
The Animals When I Was Young [MGM] 
Love My Flash On You [Elektra] 

Stream/DL http://kdvs.org/show-info/1776

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