More Radio

Another radio show, this one aired on KDVS 8.02.11. You can stream or download it right here! Hopefully, I will get a proper post or two up soon.

G'dou G'dou    (Show Boat) 
La Logia Sarabanda Todos O Ninguno (Discos Rex) 
Yoko Ono Approximately Infinite Universe (Apple) 
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come Conception (Passport) 
Tom Fazzini Smokescreen (Locust Music) 
Alan Vega Be Bop A Lula (Z) 
Colin Newman Lorries (4 AD) 
Eddie Callahan Where Will We Be Tomorrow (Ocean) 
The Poppy Family Of Cities & Escapes (London) 
Karl Blake Babys In Grey (Normal) 
Einzelganger Liebes-Arie (Casablanca) 
Alex North Belle Reeve (Capitol) 
Aristeu Queiroz Pajussara (Sinter) 
Neil Young Captain Kennedy (Reprise) 
The Moeders Jolene (MDM) 
John Carpenter Main Theme from Halloween (Columbia Nippon)

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