Testube Vol 4 Final 1979 - 1984

Reptile House Test
ube Vol 4 Final 1979-197-84/5th Anniversary Extra flexi disc (Testube, 1984)

Columbus, Ohio's Testube zine was a pretty great thing. Not only did they put out a good zine, but they also issued a bunch of cassette comps and this wonderful flexi. The band Reptile House was a short lived bi-city outfit, hitting both Columbus and Tuscon. In Testtube much is made of Reptile House, mostly because the band's leader, Tim Gassen, was/is also a filmmaker. Garage mooks will know Gassen's name from the Marshmallow Overcoat, one of the 80s garage revival bands (a scene he later made a film about). This, I believe, is Gassen's first effort and it contains two great tunes, especially the anthemic "Room for Hate."

way better than over produced Marshmallow Overcoat. i have gussen's book on the 80's garage bands + the knights of fuzz dvd, both filled with lots and lots of crap so i kinda didn't care about whatever he's doing since. really good stuff here, sounds like it could have been on the Cleveland Confidential comp.

off topic-
scott i think it would be great if you will post some Rebetiko, Laiko or any kind of greek music that u have between the 20's and the 70's

David Hamelech
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