Volume One

Trane / The Honkies Volume One / Transplant + Organ-grinding EP (Dark Beloved Cloud, 1994)

Here is a short one, one of my favorite seven inches of the 90s and for one mesmerizing track, "Looking for Logic (Lara)". Trane were Jeff Feuerzeig, Paul Bentham, and Liz Coleman. I believe that this is their one and only release. Too bad. Guitarist Feuerzeig is also responsible for the music documentaries Half Japanese: The Band that Would Be King and The Devil & Daniel Johnson. What becaome of Bentham and Coleman I don't know. I'm not going to post the Honkies cut. It is good and I like the group but I want to let this Trane song have today's glory.

Glad you like it! I was very proud to put out that record on Dark Beloved Cloud. (And I love both sides of it.)
Douglas - More info on Trane please!!!
Great track. I remember that 7" from college DJ'in back in the 90s.
Paul Bentham appeared one night blowing incredible sax for some Yasmin Khun band - early Cobalt? Think early X-Ray Spex, John Dreyfus era Half Japanese, Stooges Funhouse - the guy knocked me on my ass. He played with such feel. Flash forward to his West Village living room with my 4 track and Liz Coleman shaking a marraca. Trane was born - for about two and a half minutes. Liz disappeared. Paul went his way and I went mine. We may have played one show. I honestly can't remember. Thanks for digging it up! Paul B. Just found me and forwarded the link - so the reunion begins tommorrow as soon as Liz checks in...

Jeff Feuerzeig
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