El Clod Gringo b/w Tijuana Watusi? 45 (Vee Jay, 1964)

Who says racism sells? Okay, I am sure it does, but try telling that to one Marty Cooper AKA El Clod, creator of this novelty notoriety, as well as one other of the same ilk ("Tijuana Border"). Cooper had his first hit in 1961, writing "Peanut Butter" with H.B. Barnum, a song which became a classic when done by the Marathons. A year latter, adopting the nom de putz El Clod, he started trading in Latino stereotypes with his parody "Tijuana Border." It stiffed. A couple years later, he tried to ride on Loren Greene's "Ringo". That is what we have here. It also stiffed. A later notible songwriting credit "A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n' Roll" somehow became a hit for the duo that won't die Donnie & Marie Osmund. What dubious distinction followed that, I don't know.

Both songs link to "Gringo"! I don't know why but I'd like to hear "Tijuana Watusi."
I had heard about this one, but had never heard it. Thanks (I think).
look at this!!:


1965, Adriano Celentano was already a big star in Italy but i'am afraid he copied El Clod's Gringo

like your blog man
Little known fact Marty Cooper AKA: El Clod also recorded a parody of The Crystals "He's A Rebel" titled "He's Not A Rebel" & is funny as poo. I've played "Gringo" for friends & they've said Gringo was the funniest song they ever heard. Does anyone else knows of any other songs Cooper did as "El Clod" besides these two & " Tijuana Border"? Is "Tijuana Watusi" an instrumental?
Spectropop.com had a whole bio on Marty Cooper. Look there.
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