(Go On and) Cry Me a River

Jim Nesbitt (Go On and) Cry Me a River 45 (Chart, 1964)

I don't think I feature enough country music on Crud Crud and maybe I oughta start tossing a few songs on here once in a while. God knows, there is always a need to counter the candy-assed bullshit being passed off today as country, classic rock and power ballads with a twang. Seems like any blow-dried asshole that knows how to fake a drawl can throw a slide guitar on a Loverboy song and he's the next big country hit machine. I don't have to tell you how wretched the shit it. You know. And you know how sad it is that a once rich genre of music is pretty much a wasteland. Was a time when stellar country tunes regularly appeared not just as hits, but on B-sides, too. They were so plentiful that I could go on for months posting you not great but just good country songs and you would dig each and every one of them. This Jim Nesbitt song is a good example.

"(Go On and) Cry Me a River" was released as a B-side to Nesbitt's novelty tune "Looking for More in '64", the follow up to his first hit "Please Mr Kennedy." From the beginning it is obvious that "River" is a rip of "I Walk the Line." The opening riff is a near note-for-note riff. The rhythm is Cash's freight train. Nesbitt's voice even hints at Johnny Cash. But none of that matters, because the song is good. It cruises right along the way a good country number should and warrants repeated listening. And ripped off, tossed off B-side that it is, it buries anything by Kenny Chesney and his ilk.

Nesbit-Great Song. Played till I got sick of it. Keep Up the good work!
Most definitely NOT Julie London!

I like Johnny Cash so much I even like fake Johnny Cash.
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