Big, Big Love

The Sneed Family Big, Big Love b/w Is It Any Wonder 45 (Cascade, 1962)

A rather obscure footnote in the history of Country music belongs to the Sneed Family. In 1952, up there in Spanaway, Washington, Don Sneed corralled his three sons (ages 9 to 11), shoved them into show biz cowboy outfits and started a band with them. After a few years doing local TV shows and playing in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, they headed south to California and Nevada, gigging at various West Coast venues and casinos. When he was 13, future Buckaroo (as in Buck Owens and the....) Ronnie Allen joined the band. I believe he left before this record was cut. One of three Sneed Family releases, this fine specimen came out in 1962, well into the Sneed boys teenage years. By that time, the "family" had grown to include one more guitarist and a female vocalist. The two songs here are covers - "Big, Big Love" written by the great Wynn Steward and "Is It Any Wonder" penned by Lonnie Coleman, the man responsible or the classic "Rock Island Blues". While this record isn't strange or even rare, I chose to feature it because I just found it in a box of crap, in a closet I was cleaning out, and was taken by the tight playing and sweet guitar. That and it is good music for a blustery day like today.

Wow. I don't even know if the Sneed brothers have one of these! I played with them in '81 and will only be a forgotten speed bump on the long road of great musicians theses guys have played with. Check out ronwise.com for a former band player that is still active with Les Sneed. Les is probably the best guitar player I have ever met - no kidding. YouTube has several clips of Danny Sneed on pedal steel - also one of the best steel players around. Donnie Sneed (wearing glasses in the photo) has a christian ministry and still has a solid performing schedule out of Branson, MO. In the early 70's Les was the band leader for both Donna Fargo (Funny Face) and Barbara Mandrell. He left Barbara's band just before she really hit the big time. These guys are the real deal, but you won't find platinum albums for any of them. These days all you need is a gimmick and the right backing to be a "star".
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Gary Tremel, Owasso, OK.
hi . this is ron wise. thats me on the right of the pic with the bass. i played with them from 61 to 63. i also played bass on this record which we recorded in dec of 61 at capital records in hollywood. check out danny and donnie on youtube, and my web site ronwise.com. les is not active on the internet. tx RON WISE IN WILLOW ALASKA
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