You Don't Love Me No More

Raful Neal You Don't Love Me No More 45 (Whit, 1965)

Like many a bluesman, Raful Neal made a couple funky record and here is one of them. The basic structure is blues, but then you have a nice funky beat and those JB inspired horns. Neal's harp solo adds an element that you don't get on straight up funk songs. I am feeling a bit under the weather and don't have too much to say. So I will leave you with this nice weekend jam.

this is pretty awesome. can you PLEASE PLEASE post the HALLOWEEN "Ghetto" ep again this year. i missed it around the first two times. ive been waiting for over a year to hear it again. hopefully soon............thanks.
I really like this!

Email me (tubegeek at earthlink dot net) and I'll send you a slightly cleaned-up version I made from yours, if you want it.
Really great record that I never heard before. I just ordered a nice mint copy from Gemm Music. Thanks.
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