The Rockin Guys

Merlin Bee & Lonnie Carr
Am I Asking to Much b/w The Rockin Guys 45 (Razorback, 1963)

I don't know anything about either Merlin Bee or Lonnie Carr other than Merlin put out a handful of records on the Razorback Records of Arkansas label in the 1960s. I assume that most of them fit in the netherworld that sits between rockabilly and 60's garage, which is a might fine place to sit. I've been pretty lucky on scoring records on Razorback and by lucky I mean both finding them cheap and them being good. Of course, you can't miss with Sonny Burgess and Razorback's house band The Pacers made a handful of good singles. It is definitely a label to keep an ear out for (and I think has a CD collection of their stuff available - though not this single).

I like this record for a number of reasons. The duel vocals and teen dance sound are certainly pluses, but the big draw for me is that "The Rockin Guys" is not only the duo's theme song, but it is full of regional pride!

this is a real gem, Scott, thanks a lot!

Michael Vee - Milano
Very thanks, strange beatnik freak tune!

'The rockin' guys' remember me the melody of "Rockin' lady". Is possible a parody of it?

"They call me rockin' lady from New Orleans..."
These guys did hang with Sonny Burgess & Bobby Craford and the Pacers in the mid 60's to early 70's. A stash of these 45's were rediscoverd by record collector friend of mine in a music shop in Stuttgart Arkansas back in the mid 80's Merlin & Lonnie were track down and coax out of retirement back then. It inspired a local record shop the Arkansas Record CD Exchange in North Little Rock to print up t-shirts that were an smash around central Ar. The still have some of the Razorback records but I Think the Rockin Guys 45 has long since disapeared that record was the inspiration for a local Arkansas Band aptly named The Rockin' Guys which has a website therockinguys.com. Merlin has 5 singles on razorback and Rimrock that I am aware of.
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