Johnny with the Gentle Hands

Wini Brown Johnny with the Gentle Hands 45 (Jaro International, 1959)

Another short entry here. Wini Brown was a singer who bridged the gap between R&B and jazz. Her recording debut was with National Records in 1949. After that she record for a variety labels, toured with The Ravens and other vocal groups, and fronted the bands of Earl Bostic, Cootie Williams, and Lionel Hampton. Though she had a strong, rich voice she never gained stardom outside of the African American community, and even then her star was small. Perhaps that is the result of her straddling the R&B and jazz genres.

Here she does a great murder song done to the tune of Little Willie John's Fever.

reminds me of The Boiler - thanks!
Here's something I think you're gonna like:

Just wanted to thank you for the effort put into this blog. I have been downloading some songs from your older posts and must say there is some great stuff in there.
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