If We Only Have Love

David Lampson If We Only Have Love b/w Who 45 (Tower, 1970?)

Now for something a but absurd, a one-off by David Lampson. If Lampson sounds like an old fashioned, melodramatic, character actor it is because he was. In the late Sixties and early Seventies, he appeared in movies such as The Return of Count Yorga and on TV shows like It Takes a Thief and Garrison's Gorillas. He also had a brief marriage with the actress Eileen Brennan. Somehow someone at Tower thought it a good idea to put Lampson's voice to song and not just any songs but a couple of songs that were hits in France. So the producers dredged up a couple cornballs from Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel. Not only were Aznavour and Brel were riding pretty high in France at the time, they both had considerable buzz in the states. A few years later, Brel's name splash big in the states thanks to the play Jacques Brel is Alive & Well in Paris, as well as Terry Jacks' hit Seasons in the Sun (originally Le Moribund). While one would like to think that Lampson's single was the building block to Brel's international success, I fear that Brel himself is responsible for that.

Though this record is a promo (and I've seen nothing but promos) and ebay listings claim that it is "rare," I got mine for one dollar. You can probably find one of less than five. And if, by the way, you are interested in the works of Aznavour or Brel, their records are often found in used stores for very reasonable prices. In France, they are nearly as common as baguettes.

I wonder if this David Lampson (If we only have love) is the same David Lampson who starred in some obscure Japanese films in the 70s. if so, he is my first cousin who I haven't seen since i was about 8!!!
Nice one...
Tower #509 would place this at 1969 (unless it was held back and released at a later date).
that is my father. jj! we are family:)
Hey Anonymous - I was so sorry to hear the sad news. Thinking of you and your family..
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