The Blob

The Five Blobs The Blob b/w Saturday Night in Tijuana 45 (Columbia, 1958)

I like to think of myself as a pretty tolerant person. I don't wrinkle my nose when I see two boys kissing. I can listen to an hour of conservative talk radio without throwing something. I check myself when a small child runs into me full speed in the grocery store. You can call me Mr Water Off A Duck's Back, yes you can. However, if you were to mention in passing that you saw a record by a band called the Five Blobs in a record bin for a dollar but couldn't bring yourself to buy it, I would pummel you...and I wouldn't feel a tinge of guilt for doing so. I mean, what sane record freak passes up a record by the Five Blobs?

Hardly an obscure record, The Five Blobs' The Blob was made for the Steve McQueen movie of the same name, though there are debates as to whether the song actually appeared in the film's first release. It made the record charts for three weeks, giving Burt Bacharach one of his earliest hits. Also credited is Mack David, brother of hal David and composer of the Bugs Bunny theme song. The Five Blobs is really one guy - Bernie Nee - overdubbed five times. Besides the title what grabs me is the slightly Latin theme that goes through both the Blob and the flip side, sort of a gringo version of Perez Prado. The friendly sound that says Hey Kids The Blob is Fun! is also a plus, as is the finger pop.

I know exactly what you mean. I'd probably prop it up on a shelf somewhere rather than actually play it much. One of those things that is better in the concept than in actuality, like Italian disco. ;-)
Magnífico!!!!goooooood!!!!!Thank you.
Aurea Ribeiro///Aracaju-Se/Brasil.
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