Jim Caldie, Jr. Shepherd LP (Artists in Christian Testimony, 1978)

...and then there are songs that are so inspired that they are nothing but transcendent. How else can you explain the story of David & Goliath done cabaret style, complete with one-liners, and topping 6 minutes? Come on, find me a reason these lyrics exist:

God is with me, He's right here.
Go ahead and cheer.
You'll be sorry, Mister Muscle Man,
When you're on your can.
You may think you're really something
but compared to God you are nothing.
Get prepared to die today.....

The only reason I can think of that Jim Calidie's David and Goliath was written and performed and recorded and released is that God smacked Caldie right in the soul, causing a sort of musical stigmata. Pure, 100%, unfettered divine intervention is the only explanation. Because if it ain't that then David and Goliath has be Gay camp or comedy or some twisted joke, and those explanations are just nto possible because every other song on this record also smells of Jesus sitting at a piano bar. Plus, the name of the record label (and the organizations web site) gives absolutely no hint that this should be taken as anything other than what it is. I am emphatic about this being totally genuine, because I am just as shocked as you that Caldie's D&G exists.

One of the records that has made its way one and off my turntable in the last few months has been Paul Vanase's Baby Bones, late 70s Gay punk/glam cabaret that is off the rails great. D&G could be a Vanase song, had someone contracted Baby Bones to do Godspell (Please God, please let it happen!). The comparison in sound and performance between Caldie and Vanase is very close, though I really doubt that Caldie owns the delightful sarcasm that Vanase oozes. If you are a fan of Vanase or Charlie the Hamster or both, you will enjoy Caldie's David and Goliath.

I've become a pretty big Charlie the Hamster fan. He's gone on to ride many a mix CD for many a grown man. I have a feeling Caldie's due for the same.

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Very strange indeed.

Sidenote: the line is actually "Go ahead and JEER", not cheer.
I was married to Jim Caldie for five fun-filled years. "Shepherd" represents his musical abilities in their embryonic state; he is truly an undiscovered genius who can write in almost any musical form. D&G is my LEAST favorite cut on "Shepherd," so it's interesting that you singled it out ... I do like "Fairytale," which has a mystical, lovely, floaty quality reminiscent of "Killing Me Softly." But a lot of the cuts on "Shepherd" are kinda lame, especially the lyrics. In my humble opinion.
Hi! Does anyone out there have a copy of Jim Caldie's SHEPHERD? I would love to buy one. Thank you.

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